We offer a very effective solution to resolving anxiety. We use a drug free, holistic bodymind approach that reduces nervous system and spinal cord tension patterns.


As with most health care, results can not be guaranteed, because what works really well for most people, will not work for everyone.
However, we will do our absolute best to help you, if we can't, we will help you find the right person.

Very few people realise that anxiety is a nervous system response. So, by working with your nervous system we teach you how to live anxiety free.


We are all individual, and nothing works for everyone - results may vary. As with health care, results are not guaranteed - however we’ll do our best to
help you have a massive break through. That’s the next best thing.

Anxiety comes in all shapes, sizes and stripes. It can be sudden onset or the occasional social apprehension and nervousness to full-blown panic attacks,
homebound agoraphobia and the feeling that one is crazy or slowly going that way. It can negatively impact one’s daily life, career, relationships,
goals and aspirations and bring on depression, self-doubt and low self-esteem. Anxiety can simply make day to day life miserable.

The large majority of cases are caused by too much stress accumulating over one’s life. This stress can either accumulate slowly over time or manifest
itself from significant trauma or periods of intense stress. The small majority of cases of anxiety are caused by medical conditions or can be a side
effect of a mental illness. But please keep in mind that this is just a minority of cases and we believe that anxiety is NOT actually a mental illness.



At Inspiring Wellness we will help you by providing you with real life strategies that can be implemented for immediate progress and exceptional results.
We work with the following conditions:

Social Anxiety

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Panic Attacks

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Mild forms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD (mild)


Depression (some people suffer from both anxiety and depression)


Outstanding results include helping people come off their medication (some have been on them for decades), relieving patients of the negative side
effects of the drugs as well. We are seeing people regain control of their life; moving away from just enduring their days in a stressed, fearful
or worried state and helping them live in a way that is more resilient to life’s stresses. Helping them become more resourceful, calmer and happier.
We did not start out working with people who suffered with anxiety as their main concern, but with clients experiencing musculoskeletal pain. Some
of them also had anxiety and would tell us “Not only has my pain gone away, but it’s the first time in my life that I don’t feel anxious.” As a
result, referrals started coming in from people who just had anxiety, they too got great results. Results they were not seeing anywhere else. Many
of these clients had already tried other methods, counsellors, therapists, psychologists, medication, breathing clinics etc.
When someone’s anxiety is bad enough they are willing to try almost anything. They want to rid themselves of unsettling feelings of being on edge all
the time (GAD), not sleeping well (insomnia), functioning below capability and fearing yet another panic attack. Many are simply anxious about
being anxious, and so, they explore many approaches to help them and sadly they offer little relief.

The experience of anxiety is coming from the body being in “fight or flight” survival mode, which operates from a different part of the brain. It is
triggered by dangerous fearful or stressful situations (or thoughts) and creates sensations which we label as anxiety. Consider the analogy of
a glass. It has a capacity to store water in the same way we have a capacity to store stress in our bodies. If we pour too much water in the glass,
it overflows. Stress is what fills the glass. When we arrive at the overflow point from too much life trauma or stress, symptoms of anxiety begin
to manifest.

For those of you who suffer from panic attacks, your first panic attack can be so scary that it immediately limits your quality of life because of
the potential fear of yet another panic attack. Now this thought of future fear (and other thoughts of worry) can act like drips coming into the
glass, making it inevitable that it will overflow, and the cycle is set in motion. When the glass is overflowing, our “fight or flight” reaction
can be extreme, and the anxiety can become all consuming.

Our approach is novel because it:

treats the cause, not the symptom

provides healthy, new strategies

unlocks bound tension within the nervous system which keep us stuck in defensive reactive patterns

re-directs destructive unconscious habits into healthy behaviours

teaches you how to develop a new mindset with healthier thinking

helps you become empowered and take back your life


To help you deal with your anxiety there are two main areas we focus on: (1) thinking (mindset/mind) (2) physiology (body)

Both of these are affected by the nervous system.

Apart from voluntary movements, like picking up a ball or walking, most functions of the nervous system are unconscious. We don’t think about how to
breathe or control our heart beating. It’s automatic, controlled by a part of the nervous system called the “Autonomic Nervous System.” This autonomic
nervous system has two parts:

Parasympathetic ~ rest and digest

Sympathetic ~ fight or flight

When a stressful situation is not present, the Parasympathetic division should take over and set up a more relaxed state. If someone is in an environment
of continual anxiety, the Sympathetic system stays on, keeping you stuck in this stress mode. When a person is stressed or anxious for long periods
of time, it conditions the nervous system to become hypersensitive. This results in accumulating tension in the body and defensive thought processes,
all of which keep you stuck in this negative feedback loop.

It’s normal to be a little skeptical of how we help people at Inspiring Wellness and our claims of reducing or eliminating your anxiety. However, we
have created a simple way for you to feel comfortable with us and our methods before you commit to spending any money or waste any of your precious

We believe in ourselves because we have seen so many amazing successes. We’re confident that we can help you. To help you decide whether our approach
is right for you we’d like to invite you to a free 20 minute consult. Come meet us, learn about our process and please bring in your skepticism,
questions, concerns, anxieties and a hopefully a dash of optimism. At Inspiring Wellness we only accept clients who we are confident that we can
help. We assess this through a brief history and exam, your desire to get well and a commitment to yourself to make this a reality.