Wellness Words - How to think, speak and feel great.

This book will have a direct impact on the quality of your life. The happiest people in the world speak, think and say things differently to those who are sad, depressed, anxious, stressed and angry. By becoming aware of what you say and how you say it, you empower yourself to speak, act, feel and think exactly the way you want. Wellness words gives you the tools to create powerful, lasting change.
I wrote this book based on conversations I was having with my clients that often changed their lives. I noticed that when we talked about certain things, which most people had never come across before, they experienced major shifts in their thoughts and actions. They started feeling better, doing things differently - their life was changing in the positive ways that they had been struggling with for years.
So far I have received amazing feedback from readers, who found this book enhanced their lives in many ways.
Wellness Words is a very easy to digest book that you can pick up at any
time and read just a small section or a whole chapter. It will leave you 'thinking', and also provide some tools so you can put it down feeling more empowered. I hope you enjoy the book. An eBook version is coming out soon.

Book Testimonials

"Wellness Words is an uplifting book. It is simple to read, yet highly motivating. It's the type of book you can constantly revisit and always getting something new out of it. I will keep this on my bookshelf for years to come. Thanks Dov for an awesome read."


"I have finally ‘got it’ were the thoughts I had reading Dov Phillips' book ‘Wellness Words’. I was totally captivated by the simple message he communicated on these pages. I have spent 20+ years reading similar books on self-awareness, after realising issues I had with low self-esteem affected my general happiness and well being. I have since recommended and lent my book to various people. Feedback has included that it has changed their lives forever. Upon learning Dov had moved back to New Zealand, I began my own life changing journey. I commited to seeing Dov on a regular basis, overcoming barriers such as time and financial restrictions. It is the best investment I have ever made, Dov has a sincere interest in helping break through patterns and facilitating the shift required to do this. I can say he has helped me make changes in my life I never thought possible."


"I was so happy to receive your book and I devoured it as soon as I received it! I have read it from cover to cover and have learned soooooo much, discovered a lot more about myself and feel sooooo much better already! I am really quite astounded! I am very interested in the angle you look at things from – quite different from what I am used to but it seems to be really efficient so very exciting."