The quality of your life is based upon the sum total of all your moments. A moment is essentially the shortest amount of time that our brains' register. In a moment your whole life can change. Unfortunately so many people live life on auto pilot and habitually move through their day not being that conscious. As a result we are less likely to experience any moments. We move through life by being driven to fulfill our desires.

Our desires are based upon our needs such as shelter, clothing, sex, wealth, food and so on, but our desires are also driven by what our culture says is desirable. This is essentially the role of marketing, to create a desire within us to want something.

Do you know why you want something? Do you know why you want to be wealthy? Is it your desire or is it our cultural desire that you find yourself caught up in.

What are your intentions? Why do you want, what you want? Is it for egotistical gain or is it for the betterment of man kind. Does it even matter? I know from working with people that those who focus more on themselves always have the most problems. Those who focus on helping others seem to grow quickly always doing new and exciting things and they also spend a great percentage of their time feeling great.

It makes sense from an evolutionary perspective that to "want to better the species" would result in you feeling great. That way you would be rewarded for this action and be compelled to do what you need to, to move the culture to the next level of its development.

Do you want more wealth so you can become a philanthropist, so you ca help society as you see it. Perhaps you want it so you can feel better about yourself. Maybe you are not really clear why you want it.

I have worked with clients who are very wealthy yet are not happy. One guy last year worked really hard and rightfully rewarded himself by buying a very flash car, which made him feel great, unfortunately only temporarily, because he was not content in life. The car no longer worked as well as it first did, so he upgraded the car and then a few months later bought another model.

His happiness was not held in the material possession so looking for happiness in an object would never be more than a temporary thing. If he changed his view slightly and saw that the car only existed because of all the thousands of people he had helped in the past. If he thought about all the peoples' lives he had made better and because of it people thanked him in the form of money then the car could and would act as a trigger of his giving to others.

What was your intention for reading this article? Did you have one or were you on autopilot. How many of your actions are on purpose? The easiest way to experience more fulfilling moments is to have a clear intention of what you want from your life, from your day, from the task at hand.. Make sure your intentions are inline with who you want to be and you will feel great.