I heard a story a while ago about when you die you go to this place and there are only two rooms. The first room shows you your life from start to finish, every thought and every action was recorded. It plays in a loop, over and over again.

The second room is also interesting, it shows life from a slightly different perspective. This room shows you how your actions and even your thoughts affected other people. If you made a simple comment that went on to inspire someone's future, you would be able to feel how much you benefited their life, you would feel great. You also would become aware of the things that you said perhaps as a joke that someone took too seriously and how it resulted in harm. You would become aware of this pain, however if your intention was not out to hurt the other person, you would not feel this pain, just be aware of it, and for every action that you did intend to hurt someone you would then go on to feel their pain as yours.

Your trapped in these two rooms for ever. Whenever you leave the room of your life, the other room shows you how that thought or action played out in the world.

When the story was told to me it made me think about how I would like other people to be affected by what I do in the world. Whenever we think about how we can help others we feel great. Those who make millions in business do so because they help people.

Let me explain it this way. If you want to make a million dollars find a way to give someone $1000 value and then help 1000 people who need this help. How about $50 value, find 20,000 people. The more people you can help the greater your wealth.

Its also interesting to note that you feel great when you focus on benefiting others. It is the simplest easiest way to feel great. It also feels pretty lousy when you get caught up in yourself. We get caught up in our own stuff mainly due to our ego, our need to feel important and be loved. Ironically by becoming caught up in yourself you actually disconnect from the greater community, doing this creates pain and suffering. The best way to grow is to help others, to teach others.

You learn more from your students than from your teachers. Everything in life has the potential to become your teacher.

How do you want to affect the people around you?
Are you aware of the consequences of your actions?