Even if you had the energy, you have no direction, so what's going to happen to your energy

We all have many habits and many things that we do habitually. Some weekly, some even daily, a sum total of all your habits create your structure. What is great is that when our structure changes, it creates new openings in our lives. The key here is to look for new openings as you make structural changes.

If you have a massive drive to do something it would seem logical that you would do it. However for you to get it (what ever it is) done, you need to have the time set aside, a set structure. Lets say I wanted to write a book but never had the allocated time, it's just obvious that the book would never be written.

Similarly what would happen if you had all this time available to do what you wanted but you had no plan of how to utilize your energy? If you do not know where you are going or what you want to do, what's going to happen?

This is actually quite a painful process especially for the masculine energy. As you know the male core has the desire to move forward, to be focused and take action, yet this will be crippled if there is no action plan.

At the same time having all this available energy floating around will become quite frustrating and you will have to release it in some fashion. This happens quite easily and then you feel drained, if this has happened to you, chances are it will be outside your awareness, all you will know is that you will have a feeling of low energy and you will want someone or something on the outside to help you feel better by somehow giving you more energy.

Think of your desire to achieve something, as if it were water, you can have heaps of water but if you have no vessel to hold it, for example a glass. Then you have no way to contain the water and you will lose it, it leaks and dissipates.

First create your plan then deduce from that your structure. What are your action steps that you must do consistently on a daily or weekly basis?

Often it is hard to create a new structure especially if it is something that we don't really want to do at first. It might be that you don't really want to wake up and go for a run. At first it will be hard, soon it will become automatic and soon after that you will look forward to it, as it has become a special part of you and your day.

To create this new habit, simply do your new task 21 times in a row, if you miss once, start back at the beginning and keep doing it until you have done 21 days completed. It is easier if you stick to the same time each day.