Before we had money as we know it today we had the barter system, simply an exchange of value.

We are all individuals and yet we live in a community, each of us just one pixel in a picture, a single tree in a forest. As humans we are social and over the millennia have developed large cities that work as a whole. Everyone benefits from being in a society like this. It saves us time, money resources and effort. A simple example is saving a few hours every day by not having to wake up to bake bread, milk the cow, grab eggs from the chicken and so on. We have people who specialize with these tasks and help those who need it. It is all about helping and supporting others.

I have found my clients who seem to have the biggest problems in life, always tend to focus on themselves too much. At the same time those who are happiest always focus on helping other people, and this is often a priority in their life.

When the market crashes, people become scared and fearful. We are fearful and have a primitive desire to look after ourselves. That means we focus on ourselves, creating a downward spiral and we get caught up in it, going deeper and deeper into a state of fear. Often this will paralise us. We stop taking action and often develop symptoms such as physical aches and pains or end up feeling depressed or anxious. All that has happened is we have disconnected from being part of a community.

People with leadership qualities will profit in these times. These people will be aware of others creating their own sense of panic and suffering and will be looking toward helping them. His/her focus is different and is thinking only of how to assist others around him in need of help. Who needs help.? How can I be of service? These people will see themselves as part of the whole and have a desire to elevate the surrounding community. You can learn from these people.

Where you focus the mind, the energy follows. If you focus on your self, you become selfish or self absorbed, if you focus on helping others, you become beyond what you could possibly imagine.
To be happy, simply help others. What is most interesting about this concept of happiness from helping others, is that it will also make you wealthy in a meaningful and spiritual way.

If you are not where you want to be right now, find a way to help others.