What would happen in your life, if you were able to double your quality of life?

imagine how you would look, be, feel, breathe


In this video you can see me working, using one of the techniques we use in our clinic to help our clients create powerful transformations. The gentle touches on the spine cue the brain to reogansie sotred bound tension, that normall keeps people locked up and stuck in a more defensive physiology, it takes this bound tension and uses it as fuel for transformation. To really understand it - you have to experince how amazing it feels to have the wave travel through your body.

We help people who are seeking a better quality of life. Most our clients come in initially becuase they are in pain, suffering with some challenge (in life or within their body/mind / health) and it has got to the point when they have said "enough of this" and they are ready to do something else - anything, as long as it works.

They explore what we do at Inspiring Wellness, and many people clients have told me, it is one of the best decisions they have ever made in their life.


Common challenges people initally seek out care are -

Anxiety | STRESS / Depression |Physical pain | Chronic/adrenal fatigue | Self esteem/confidence | feeling lost and the list goes on and on

How to break Free from Anxiety

When anxiety’s in the driving seat, it can feel like your life is taking a one way trip down the wrong road. But being overwhelmed on a day to day basis truly isn’t something that you need to put up with.

Whether you’re worried about the past, your present or your future, or simply confused about the causes of anxiety and the treatments available to you, help is at hand.

With his unique holistic approach, in this book Dov clearly reveals the simple yet powerful strategies and techniques that he has used throughout many successful years helping people just like you to take back control, build the lives they want and break free from anxiety. Hear their stories, discover just how they reached their successes – and create your own with the simple guidance and tactics found within.

Wellness Words, how to think speak and feel great.

This book will have a direct impact on the quality of your life. The happiest people in the world speak, think and say things differently to those who are sad, depressed, anxious, stressed and angry. By becoming aware of what you say and how you say it, you empower yourself to speak act, feel and think exactly the way you want. Wellness words gives you the tools to create powerful, lasting change. It also gives you the ability to help those around you become happy and well.